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This is a Pilot Test Site, covering the NSW South Coast at the moment.  Click anywhere this line to enter the NSW South Coast Calendars.

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This site is to enable you to find all sorts of activities around where you live. You can search for activities that interest you, or check out the Calendar to see what is happening in your area.  And - you can add your own events so that others can find you, and join in your events. Furthermore, you can link our calendars to your own and even add them to your own website and your SmartPhone.

Apart from showing fun events such as art, fishing competitions, and so on, there is a definite bias towards local communities, local food and local business, and towards sustainable development.

This is a Pilot Site - we are testing with the NSW South Coast, and the Perth Area. (All care is taken - however there will be errors.  E&OE. Errors and omissions excepted)

Click here or on on the Choose Location Menu above.  To see local Attractions, Business and Commerce, follow the links and maps in your area.

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    Posted Dec 19, 2011, 3:36 PM by Clem Clarke
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